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Can you escape the horde?

Escape the Horde card game

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About Infectious Games

Capturing Imagination

Infectious Games is a game design company based out of Tauranga, New Zealand. Our core ideal is to create fun, engaging, exciting, infectious card and board games. We are wild, crazy, imaginative and creative adult gamers. We are world builders. Our fresh, dynamic and fun-focused approach means that everyone has a great time when playing our games.

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Our Games

Our Core Game & Expansion Sets

We released our Escape the Horde core set in 2023, and in 2024 we will be adding two new expansion sets to add more spice to the game - Overrun & Welcome to the Wastelands.

Fantasy Gaming

Card Game (core set)

Escape the Horde is an exciting multiplayer collaborative card game of strategy, teamwork, and a little bit of luck. Survivors work together to avoid becoming infected, while Patient Zero and their relentless horde of zombies attack at every chance they get.

Can you escape the horde?


Expansion Pack

We are currently working on our first expansion pack called Overrun (due out 2024). This is an exciting multi-player expansion which allows for those massive collaborative games of 7 -12 players where anything goes. Everyone plays right to the end, even with these large numbers. Expect more Zombies, new weapons and game variants.

Apocalyptic City
Welcome to the Wastelands

Player vs Player vs Environment

Welcome to the Wastelands is our big expansion set for 2024. Players will not only be competing against, or collaborating with each other, but they must contend with environmental factors from the post-apocalyptic Wastelands.

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