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We Are Infectious!

We're creating the coolest interactive card games by adding an 'infectious' element.

Haunted House

Our mission is to create games that have a positive and lasting influence on people’s lives, by exceeding expectations and delighting players. We are world builders. We challenge ourselves to incredible settings, new characters and variable gameplay. We strive to bring joy to tabletops around the world through our growing portfolio of memorable, beautiful, fun games.

Our games are suitable for people of all ethnicities, genders, creeds, cultures, nations, sexualities, abilities, and ages. Through our exciting brand of content, we try to add value to the lives of those who play our games, by providing them with hours of fun and face-to-face Interaction with others.

Through our exciting brand of content, we aim to add value to the lives of those who play our games, by providing them with hours of fun and face-to-face Interaction with others.

Creative Ideals


Our core values are simple, precise and skewed towards our customers. We take pride in our work, and we invest heavily in high quality, unique artwork and design that promotes fairness and, diversity. How we treat our fans and friends is how we want to be treated, with openness, honesty and respect always at the forefront of all our interactions.

Game Design

Extensive and rigorous play-testing Is the hallmark of each game’s success and every game we create must be unique, fun and engaging (Infectious). We love chaos therefore our games must be Interactive, positive and filled with tension and excitement. Game mechanics must follow a theme and allow players to fully Immerse themselves in the game experience. Variability Is at the core of our game design - no two games play the same way twice. Winning must have multiple options for players to pursue and whilst luck Is an unavoidable factor in most games, players must always have control over their fate.


Personal attention to all our customers Is at the heart of our business. Our company exists because we want to add joy to the global gaming community and the games we create are inclusive, intuitive and designed to bring people together.

Meet the Team

Our Offices

Our Studio in Tauranga, NZ

We are proud to be Kiwis, developing our exciting brand and games in the most amazing country on earth. New Zealand is the home of the rapidly growing trading card game Flesh and Blood along with other cool games and exports to the world. Here in Middle Earth creativity flows and as our business expands, we will be on the look out for cool, creative people to help us grow. Stay tuned.

Store Locator

Click below to go to our Store Locator, where you can support a local game store by buying a copy of Escape the Horde. 

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